Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner Combo
Reduces damaged hair breakage by 90%*

Herbalife Conditioner

For Everybody, Every Day. Revitalizes the appearance of Damaged Hair, and Reduces Hair Breakage* No Added Paraben. Contains Botanicals. Transforms your hair that leaves it feeling softer and silkier. Colour-preserving formula.*

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Herbal Aloe 250ml
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Key by Eagle Eye from the Noun Project Key Benefits

test by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project Clinical Testing Information

Leaves damaged hair feeling 10x stronger after just one use*
Reduces damaged hair breakage by 90%*

*When using Herbal Aloe Strengthening Conditioner. Damaged tresses treated with herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner saw average broken fibre counts reduced by 90% versus untreated tresses in a Combing Test.

Instruction by Ilaria Niccolini from the Noun Project Product Usage

Apply, lather, rinse the shampoo. Massage conditioner into hair. Leave on up to three minutes. Rinse thoroughly.