Formula 1
Nutritional Shake Mix*

Herbalife Formula 1

Please Note: Due to production and shipping issues resulting from COVID, Formula 1 French Vanilla will not be available in New Zealand until early December, 2020. All other flavours are available. Additionally - Formula 1 Select (Vanilla) is available. It is a larger container and costs slightly more but is better value because of the larger size. For more information tap/click here.

Being healthy includes achieving and maintaining the correct weight. Herbalife Shakes made with delicious Formula 1 Shake Mix can help you attain this. Whether you have one shake a day as part of a healthy meal, or two shakes a day as part of your weight loss programme, you can trust Formula 1 to deliver the perfect healthy solution.

Each serving of Herbalife Formula 1 contains 9 grams of high quality, non-GM soy and whey protein and will help you feel full and satisfied. It’s rich in vitamins and now contains the added benefit of Aminogen, a naturally derived ingredient that helps the body break down food protein into free-form amino acids.

Type Size Price Qty
Berry Flavour 560 gms
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Cookies & Cream 560 gms
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Dutch Chocolate 560 gms
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Mint Chocolate 560 gms
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Herbalife Formula 1 can be used to lose weight, gain weight or as a healthy supplement when weight change is not sought.

*Individual Results will vary.