Herbalife Weight Loss Testimonials
Thad (Lost 33 kgs)

"Now after losing 30 kilos, sweet things just leave a fatty taste in my mouth."

"All my life I have been ashamed of my size. I weighed over 110 kilos which made everyday tasks increasingly difficult. For instance, the simple task of bending over to tie my shoe laces, while sitting on a kitchen chair, was made harder because my stomach would get in the way and it was very difficult to breath. When in rooms that other people are quite comfortable in, I could not tolerate the heat."

"When my friend Rebecca Love, introduced me to Herbalife's Weight-Management programme in 1997 I was keen to try anything, for my health's sake. Immediately after starting the programme I could feel the difference, my stamina and vitality increased out of sight. The confectionery I used to enjoy so much did not have the same appeal and I didn't like the fatty taste that it left in my mouth."

"After 3 months on the programme I lost a amazing total of 20 kilos bringing my total weight loss to 33 kilos. Due to these great results I decided to continue the programme and have gone on to lose an extra 13 kilos. I've lost 104 cm from my chest, 98 cm from my waist and 100 cm from my hips. It's great to be able to fit back into clothes I haven't worn in years. I feel great, have more stamina, confidence and a new vitality for life."*


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*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.