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Weight Loss Success : Narelle (Lost 12 kgs & 2 Dress Sizes)

"I am a full time mum with 3 boys under 5. The photo in the left is me age 20. I was a chef. I thought I ate well, and rarely ate junk food. As part of my chef trade I had studied Nutrition, so I knew what to eat and how to prepare healthy food. I could not lose weight and I had a very low self-esteem. Since then I have had 3 children.

"I started the program when my 3rd son was 2 months old. Since I started I have lost 12kg (2 dress sizes) in 3 months. Using this amazing program was easy, it takes less then 5 minutes a day to feed my body all the vitamins and nutrients my body needs to stay healthy. I have gained self-confidence, the energy to chase my children, and the stamina to run a household and a home business."*


Herbalife :: Lose Your WeightHerbalife :: Lose Your Weight


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