Herbalife Weight Loss Testimonials
Karen (Before 101.2 kgs, After 69.2 kgs)

"At the stage where I was unable to play with my 2 year old daughter, I was wearing a size 24 and weighed 101.2kg. Thankfully Herbalife entered my life and I started using the Herbalife weight management programme. My stamina began to increase whilst my weight and size began decreasing. I happily look back at the amazing results that I have achieved by being on Herbalife. I lost 25kg in 28 weeks and a total of 32kg overall. I have come down from a tight size 24 to a comfortable size 12. Yo-Yo dieting is a thing of the past, now that I know what works. Thanks Herbalife."*


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*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.