Herbalife Weight Loss Testimonials
Fran (Lost 3 kgs)

"I thought that I was reasonably fit and healthy and weighed in at a satisfactory weight of 63-65 kgs. However, I was feeling the strain of a demanding business, work related travel, three small children, keeping up with the garden, training for and running 1/2 marathons, tennis and wherever possible skiing. On top of all this I had to deal with asthma and continual hay fever.

This was all until I was introduced to Herbalife. I managed to lose about 3 kilos but what was really amazing was the centimetres I lost, especially with my legs. My whole body just "firmed up". I now have stamina to burn and have never felt better or healthier before. Thanks to Herbalife I am continuing to better my Marathon times and feel fantastic. "*


Herbalife :: Lose Your WeightHerbalife :: Lose Your Weight


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