Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes

Our programmes are based on the latest scientific research into healthy weight loss utilising cellular nutrition and the power of protein.*

We offer the maximum flexibility when it comes to ordering the flavours that you want.

Weight Loss Programme Inclusions

  1. Our Weight Loss Programme Guide gives easy step by step instructions as well as a comprehensive guide to healthy snacks.
  2. Delivery by PBT Couriers to your home or workplace is included with all programmes.

Two Main Programme Types

There are 2 main programme streams in the weight loss range:

  1. Herbalife Original Programmes
    This includes the Shape Up, QuickStart, Advanced & Ultimate Programmes. The original programmes are based on healthy meal replacement and cellular nutrition, boosted by supplements that target specific aspects of weight loss.

  2. Protein Plus Programmes
    These programmes contain fewer supplement pills than the original programmes and focus more on high protein shakes. They are more suited to people who don't like taking supplement pills and capsules.

If you need help in your programme choice feel free to email me via our contact page.


Shape Up Programme
Shape Up Programme
Protein Plus Starter Programme
Protein Plus Starter Programme
QuickStart Programme
QuickStart Programme
Advanced Programme
Advanced Programme
Protein Plus Foundation Programme
Protein Plus Foundation Programme
Ultimate Programme
Ultimate Programme


Why Should I Choose a Herbalife Weight Loss Programme?

There are literally hundreds of weight loss programmes. Why Herbalife?

  1. You won't be hungry.
    On Herbalife you will get the nutrition you require in high protein shakes and herbal supplements, and you won't be hungry.

  2. It's a healthy option.
    Many weight loss programmes and regimens are actually damaging to your body. Herbalife's programmes are based on cellular nutrition and ensures your body is well nourished and healthy during the weight loss process.

  3. You will lose fat and not muscle
    Some diets achieve drastic weight loss because you are losing both fat and muscle, thereby losing tone. Losing muscle is unhealthy, makes you weaker and makes it near impossible to keep the weight off.

  4. You will feel energetic, not tired and grumpy.
    Because of the focus on cellular nutrition, your body's cells can effectively produce the optimum level of energy output.

  5. Our shakes are delicious.
    You may be hesitant to go on a shake programme, but the Herbalife shakes taste great in all 4 flavours - French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry, Cookies & Cream and . We also have a large number of delicious Herbalife shake recipes available for all four flavours.

  6. You will have a much greater chance of keeping the weight off.
    Our programmes focus on protein intake, which in turn helps build lean muscle mass. Your body loses fat while improving lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more kilojoules than fat. So it helps you burn off your food, and crucially, helps keep the weight off after you've completed your programme.

  7. You will get the support you need.
    If you need help, you have it with Herbalife. You will be personally assisted to lose weight with expert advice, either by phone or email. I have helped several hundred people achieve their weight loss goals. But, if you don't want any help, that's OK. I won't bother you!

  8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you are not happy, for any reason, return the empty or partially empty containers for a full refund of the purchase price. Less than 1% of our customers request a refund.


*Regular exercise, balanced nutrition and a calorie-controlled diet are the basic requirements of any successful weight control programme.