Advanced Programme*
Accelerate your weight loss progress with this premium package.

Advanced Program

The Advanced Programme speeds your progress with the addition of Instant Herbal Beverage. The programme is based on replacing 2 meals per day with healthy protein shakes as well as having 1 healthy meal per day. The shakes are boosted with the addition of Active Fibre Complex to assist with feeling full.

The additional supplements enhance the weight loss process. The details of each product are given below in the Programme Components Section.


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Flavour / Type Size Price Qty
Cookes & Cream 1 Month Supply
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Dutch Chocolate 1 Month Supply
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French Vanilla 1 Month Supply
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Mint Chocolate 1 Month Supply
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Wild Berry 1 Month Supply
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Programme Components

*Regular exercise, balanced nutrition and a calorie-controlled diet are the basic requirements of any successful weight control programme.